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Mistery In The Morning (Part 2)

Mistery In The Morning  (Part 2)

By Aileen F. Pakasi

            Few more hours Cleo’s friend arrived.  Cleo telling about what she saw in the morning at restroom, then Cleo and Sally her friends walked to the restroom.  They saw the girl shadow again.  Cleo and Sally followed the girl and finally the girl walked in to the gardener’s house.  Sally called the gardener.  He walked out and Sally said there was the ghost walked in to gardener’s house. He was laughing. He said the girl is his daugther. Her name is Jane.  Cleo and Sally were laughing too.

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Mystery in The Morning

Mystery In The Morning



Cleo walked to school at six am.  She has long brown hair, she is 13 years old.  The day was still dark and rather cold.  The leaves felt everywhere. She walked in a hurry.  Arriving at school she entered to her classroom.  Leaving her bag, she went to go to the restroom.  Suddenly she saw a shadow behind the restroom. She was very surprised, without thinking she run away...
…to be continued..

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BOOKS LOVER: Hutan: HUTAN Karya Aileen F. Pakasi Hutan……… Kau adalah tempat yang penting Hutan……… Flora dan faunamu sangat beragam ...


Karya Aileen F. Pakasi

Kau adalah tempat yang penting

Flora dan faunamu sangat beragam

Dunia sangat memerlukanmu
Karena kau paru-paru dunia

Pohon-pohonmu  sangat rindang
Kau juga rumah berbagai macam hewan
Dan juga berbagai macam tanaman

Tapi ada banyak manusia yang merusakmu
Sehingga kau menjadi hancur
Banyak hewan yang mati
Dan  banyak tanaman yang rusak

Terimakasih hutan
Kau akan kurawat dengan baik

(Demak, 30-1-2013)

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Flower Fairy


Aileen Pakasi
A water flower fairy

Buttercup is a flower fairy, Buttercup is a diligent fairy.  Every morning she wakes up at  five a.m and she quickly goes to her garden for watering flower and cleans up her garden.

At seven a.m she is going to get breakfast in the  fairy tower dining room.  Fairy tower is a big willow tree.  Buttercup eats a piece of coconut cake and drinks a cup of  mapple tea.  “Hi Buttercup!!”, said Aquariana.  Aquariana is a water fairy, she is Buttercup’s friend.  “Hello Aquariana”, Buttercup smiles.  “Do you want strawberry and cheese crackers?”asked Aquariana,”Florist give me a wild strawberry and Chunk give me a bunch of cheese and Molly give me a full bag of flour,so I can make a bag of crackers”, said Aquariana proud.

“Thanks”, Buttercup eats a cracker.  But a taste of Aquariana’s crackers is not nice, a taste like a spoiled cheese which were too much mixed water.  Aquariana can not make a cracker because she is not a cake or cook fairy.  “Do you want a pillow cutie  cake with a jam?”asked Gratie.  Gratie is a cake fairy.  She is the best cake fairy in the fairy town.  “I want a pilow cutie cake with sunflower jam”, said Aquariana happilly.  “I want pillow cutie cake with  plum fruit jam”said  Buttercup.  “Thanks Gratie”.

After breakfast, Buttercup is going to her garden. She is planting twenty blue roses, Buttercup new flower.  “Hi Buttercup may I have your blue rose seeds?”.  Buttercup turns her head back.  Fleur, another flower fairy stands in the Buttercup’s garden gate.  Fleur is  a beauty fairy and she is an elegant fairy.  Her blouse colour is light  yellow  made from  spider nest silk and her skirt is dark purple made from tulip sheath and her hair is blonde silver and wavy,  tied with lavender flower.  And Buttercup looks at her dress style.  She only wears a cactus vest,  rose sheath t-shirt,  simple legging,  and her lined brown hair  tied with a pink old ribbon.  And Buttercup looks at Fleur’s shoes.  They made from rabbit fur.  And Buttercup look at her shoes.  They made from mapple leaf.

“Go ahead”, Buttercup said.  Then Buttercup takes a basket of blue rose seeds. “Thanks Buttercup”, said  Fleur smile.  Then Fleur flies to the garden gate and leaves Buttercup’s garden.  Not long time later, lunch bell is ringing.  Buttercup flies to fairy tower dining room quickly.  Buttercup sits with Aquariana and Peary.  Peary is mine fairy. She is Buttercup’s friend.  Buttercup eats steam fish with chili sauce and a glass of lemonade.

“Do you like a rosemary  muffin?”, Peary asked to Buttercup and Aquariana.  “I  like a rosemary  syrup best  but, I never eat a rosemary muffin”, said  Aquariana.  “I like all muffin maybe I like a rosemary muffin”, said  Buttercup.  “Do you want to try it?”, asked Peary.  “of course”,  said  Aquariana and Buttercup.  “Follow me to my room”, said Peary.   They fly to the fairy tower lobby and go to the second floor by coconut shell lift.   “Please come in”, said  Peary smile.  “Thanks Peary!”.  Peary’s room is very elegant.  She has a silver bed, rabbit fur matras, dark red rose sheath blanket, spider nest curtain, and gold table.  Peary take a silver plate.  There are rosemary muffins on it.  Aquariana and Buttercup eat a rosemary muffin.  The taste is very  delicious.  “You are a number one cake fairy!!”,  scream  Aquariana happily.  “I am mine fairy, Aquariana”,  said Peary smile.

After eat a rosemary muffin in Peary’s  room, Buttercup flies to her garden again  for watering  flower and takes care her blue rose.  When she arrives at the garden she finds a gold butterfly.  “Queen invitation letter!”,  said Buttercup  amazingly.   When she opens the letter she found that the invitation is about celebration of fairy town brithday.  Then Buttercup is going to the her room quickly and straight  going to the her cupboard and finding a moss dress.  The dress is very beautiful and very match with her brown  hair.  Buttercup is very happy.  Then she flies  to the Pearl  studio.  Pearl is a braclet and necklace fairy.  “Hi  Pearl, do you have a  gold  necklace and gold  braclet?”, asked Buttercup.  “Sorry Buttercup, I don’t have a gold jewelery but I have a  white gold jewelery”,  said  Pearl.  “Of course”, said Buttercup happily.   And  Buttercup is going to her room.  Buttercup is like her room.   Her bed made from cactus,  the colour of her wall is dark  green,  her matras made from goose feather,  her blanket made from rabbit fur,   the curtain made form spider nest silk and the colour is light yellow, and her lamp cap is a yellow buttercup flower.  Then Buttercup search her favourite shoes.  After one hour search Buttercup find her shoes in the shoes box.  The shoes made from mapple leaf too, but the colour is dark green.  After finding her shoes Buttercup flies to the Madelyn’s room.  Madelyn is craft fairy.  Madelyn’s room is not elegant.  The curtain is open, and the roof is holley but Madelyn don’t care to  her room.  “Hi Madelyn, do you have a green ribbon?”, asked Buttercup.  “I have twenty dark green ribbon and six light green ribbon.  Do you want light green or dark green?”, asked Madelyn.  “I want dark green one”, said Buttercup smile.  Finaly Buttercup takes a bath, tiddy up her room, wears her drees, wears her new shoes, ties her hair, wears her jewelery, and flies to the fairy tower ball room. 

When Buttercup arrives in the fairytower ball room she finds Aquariana,and Peary.  They sit on mushroom chair.  Aquariana wears  blue dress made from tulip sheath and blue mapple leaf shoes and her dark blue hair tied with  water ribbon.  Peary wears spider nest dress the colour is silver and gold shoes and her brown gold hair tied  with silver ribbon.   “Hi Buttercup your drees is very beautiful!”, said Peary smile.  “Thanks”, said Buttercup smile.  “Hi, do you see Dandelion and Ocella?”, asked Fleur.  Fleur wears spider nest silk the colour is dark red, and dark red fox fur shoes.  “They sit on mushroom  chair in the front”, said Aquariana.  “Thanks”, said Fleur.  “Hello,may I sit hear?”, Buttercup, Aquariana, and Peary turn their head back.  Paulla stands beside the table.  Paulla is an animal fairy, she is very beautiful. Her hair is lined and the colour is black tied with pink ribbon, she wears dark pink rose sheath vest, light pink spider nest silk blouse, dark pink legging, and she don’t wear shoes.  “Go ahead”, said Buttercup, Aquariana, and Peary.  “Why do you don’t wear a dress?”,asked Aquariana.  “Because I don’t like party, it is better for me to play with dragonfly or all animals”,said Paulla.  “Do you want a sunflower soup or fried dandelion?”,  asked Cockie, a cook fairy. “I want a fried dandelion, but I don’t like sunflower soup that is too salty”, said Paulla.  “I want to take a blackberry muffin, and cold mint lemon”, said Aquariana. Buttercup very like lemon muffin with plum fruit syrup.  But lemon muffin and plum fruit syrup is empty.  Finally, all fairies is dancing in the fairy tower flower garden.  Two hours later Buttercup is going home, and sleep.

The next day they play whiped cream catapult, hide n seek, berry battle, bee racing, and almond ball.  Buttercup quickly wears her simple legging, dark red spider nest silk t-shirt, cactus vest,  old mapple shoes, tieds her hair with green ribbon, and wear a fox fur hat. Buttercup quickly fly to the Fairy Tower dining room.  She eat two ginger muffin, one cup tea, and toast a with kiwi jam.  “Good morning Buttercup! Do you ready for the game?” asked Gratie.  “Good morning! I’am ready” said Buttercup smile.  “Hi Buttercup!” said Fleur smile. She sit on mushroom chair.  She wear white silk legging, white spider nest silk t-shirt, pink mapple leaf snickers, and her hair tied with white ribbon. “Do you ready for the games?” asked Buttercup.  “Very Ready” said Fleur smile.

Then that games rise up.  When the games were over, every body tired and Buttercup going to sleep.  Good night Buttercup! see you next time

(Inspired by "Disney Fairies Books")

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Haunted House

In small village far from city, there is a witch lives in the very big castle.  The witch is very spooky and scary old woman with a white long hair, scary red eyes, and long nose. She lives with her her black cat, her bloody “tuyul”, and her bloody killer assistant.
Years later she build a little house in forest. The house use for catching children who play after six pm.  Duty to catch is bloody “tuyul”, and bloody killer assistant.
            One day about six pm was foggy.  A child named Chloe is missing.  Two days later a farmer saw the “tuyul”, and killer assistant were at witch house garden walk out.  The farmer entered the house and he found Chloe, and another children became bloody ghost.  The farmer ran away.
            Then the house called HAUNTED HOUSE

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